academic lectures

Simply profit from Arkistans' broad academic network based on decades of personal and professional contacts. Whatever be your interest, "the urban transformation of 19th century", "Art Nouveau in Istanbul or "architecture of gated communities", there is an expert for it in the Arkistan network.


visits to architectural offices

Have an insider look into the kitchen of architectural production in Istanbul. We advise you with the choice/s and help getting around. We work out optimized programs to connect with site visits.


construction site visits

Istanbul: the place of many awarded future projects. Istanbul: where they get built. Istanbul is currently the most active site in Europe 'under construction'. Let Arkistan guide you to sites as they emerge and make you contact the actors.


architectural field trips

Be it a classical or a tailor made itinerary, moving within public space only or enabling a glance from inside, with or without contacting its makers and users: Your way to access architecture in Istanbul is our concern; Let Arkistan take you through the paths of 3000 years of urbanization and architecture. Detailed information upon request.


workshops / charettes

Istanbul: unique terrain to train and test your skills and abilities as architects. For real, or for fun.

Give your students, your colleagues or your office mates the opportunity to work within a particular setup of urban landscape. Let details matter Arkistan. Allow us to back up you with work material, contacts, logistic support, and explorations on site.


visits to architecture faculties

In Istanbul, architecture is tought in 3 public and at least / so far in 7 foundation universities. Are you interested in establishing contacts to any ? For anything from a common excursion or an exchange workshop, or a quick stroll through the studios to long term cooperation... Let Arkistan suggest you the convenient partner and help organize your exchange.


professional support

Are you just about to enter a competition ? Seeking local partnerships in your calibre and wavelength ? Supply us with the questions. The answers are not far from us.


in context of public events

connect your Istanbul trip with the occasion of any architecture related event relevant for you / your office / your class. Let Arkistan assist you through the event, organize your program inside and outside.